5 Hints in Dealing with the Government

  1. Before making a representation directly to a Minister, always advise the appropriate agency CEO or senior executive of the matter you wish to discuss. This will give you and the Minister advance notice of related issues that you may not have considered and will speed up the decision process.
  2. Do not expect to get any business with the Government without an open competitive process, even if you have to compete for your own well researched idea which has been adopted by the Government.
  3. Ministers and Government agencies usually respond positively to proposals that are well researched, reflect their priorities, needs and aspirations.
  4. Governments tend to spread the work around. It is unlikely that a single supplier of services will have a long-term monopoly position.
  5. Do not try to fast track the decision making process or take short cuts in dealing with the Government. They usually come unstuck and will cause unnecessary delays.

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