Government Business Development

Rodney Swan, Managing Director, BGP Pty Ltd has extensive experience in identifying, analysing and pursuing Government projects requiring a competitive proposal and in managing the preparation of that proposal. Rodney has a solid track record of managing and winning Government tenders. In general, he works with organisations to improve their business development and competitive tendering processes. He also specialises in identifying NSW Government projects during their formative stages. This gives his client’s a better understanding of key issues in pursuing these projects.

In addition, Rodney works with his clients to initiate projects and to prepare proposals to submit to the Government for adoption. In this way, Rodney’s clients can clearly articulate their case to the Government and improve their chances of having their proposals adopted.

Rodney uses his extensive network of contacts and his knowledge of the Government sector to identify, assess and pursue new business opportunities in a wide range of projects.

Rodney Swan can assist you to:

  1. Prepare a strategic business plan for the Government sector
  1. Implement your Government strategic business plan


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