Government Relations

On many occasions political, governmental or public sector change will generate challenges to organisations. These changes often require well considered and planned responses.

On other occasions business pressures and initiatives will require government or public sector responses.

Government relations is the process by which the implications of such requirements are understood, evaluated and, where necessary, acted upon.

The role of Government relations is to inform and advise those who make and influence political and governmental decisions and policies.

It makes good business sense to have a professionally managed and effectively controlled government relations strategy.

Rodney Swan, Managing Director, BGP Pty Ltd has an extensive network of contacts and knowledge of the working of the government sector. He helps organisations to achieve their government related objectives. He also helps clients who require assistance for specific issue related projects and those who need regular government contact on a continuous basis.

Rodney provides an in-depth analysis, assessment, and research service on government issues. Based on those assessments, he assists to identify options, key decision makers and develops communications strategy.

Rodney has an excellent knowledge of the workings, decision making structure, policies and procedures of the government sector. He maintains an extensive fully computerised government contacts database.

His approach to government relations is professional, honest and fully respectful of probity issues.

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