Rodney T. Swan, BSc, MTech

Managing Director, BGP Pty Ltd

Rodney Swan is an adviser to major Australian and international organisations on Government relations, securing Government contracts and facilitating complex and difficult issues through Government.

Rodney Swan is a leading strategist in tendering and competitive bidding for public and private sector project and services.

Rodney Swan is highly experienced in the techniques, protocols and procedures relating to Government business opportunities and other Government related issues. His commercial and innovative approach to developing new business strategies has been developed over a 30 year professional career, working with leading teams in both the government and private sectors. He has an extensive network of contacts in the Government sector.

He has managed many bids, large and small, with a high success rate. He is an adviser to a number of leading organisations on project development and bidding strategies. He has also worked with internal bidding teams and is skilled in managing the special issues that arise in these circumstances.

Rodney Swan’s role includes analysing the structure of the market, identifying target market segments, assessing commercial opportunities, evaluating potential competitors and recommending and implementing a bidding consortium to the appropriate public authorities. He specialises in identifying the right partners to establish winning joint ventures and consortia and has played a leading role in forming and managing a number of international joint ventures.


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