Winning Competitive Tenders Do-It-Yourself Kit 
A New and Innovative Business Tool

At Last!   A step by step kit on how to win tenders

The kit is a result of many years experience and the analysis of numerous tenders. The kit is the documentation for the popular and highly successful seminar series "Winning Competitive Tenders". The Winning Competitive Tenders seminar and this Kit are accredited by the Vocational Education and Training Board (VETAB).

The Kit provides:
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) A detailed understanding of all the facets of tendering.
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) A step by step guide for the cost effective development of your tender from initial concept to final selection.
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) A comprehensive collection of winning ideas and concepts which include ideas on forming a strong team, pricing strategies and easy steps to improve your presentation.
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) A wide range of checklists, guidelines and suggestions.

You can see the detailed Table of Contents for this kit.



Rodney Swan, Managing Director, BGP Pty Ltd has distilled years of experience in competitive tendering in a series of easy to use checklists. You and your colleagues can use these checklists to save valuable time and to increase the effectiveness of your tender preparation. The checklists are only available in the kit and include:

WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Organise your competitive tenders

WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Manage the client meeting

WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Win/loss analysis
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Tender brain storm session
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) The tender go/no go decision
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Prepare your presentation

WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Identify your key competitive advantages

WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Why appoint us

WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Competitor analysis
WB01542_2.gif (729 bytes) Client communication

There is also an accompanying Workbook that you can purchase

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