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Tender Tip Number 16

Best and Final Offers

The evaluation team will probably narrow the best tenders down to two or three which they find comparable. The evaluation team may also aim to fulfil their responsibility to their organisation and try and get a better price beyond those submitted in the tender. This is when you may be asked to put in a best and final offer.

There are a number of tendering organisations who believe it is quite improper to issue best and final offers. Nevertheless, both government and the private sector frequently engage in this practice. After all, securing the best deal for shareholders is a clear and legitimate business practice.

Make sure that you:

- reduce your price further.
- put forward better conditions.
- offer extra services.
- introduce new processes and new systems.
- add to your teams credentials.
- reinforce your commitment to the client and their tender.
- improve the benefits.

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Extracted from ‘Winning Competitive Tenders, Do It Yourself Kit"

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