Winning Competitive Tenders Training

Rodney Swan, Managing Director of BGP Pty Ltd has fully developed and produced a comprehensive "Winning Competitive Tenders" training package. This is a very popular training package and is fully accredited by VETAB.

Rodney customises this training package as an exclusive in-house session for your company. A number of organisations favour this approach as it enables a more focussed and confidential session.

The customised training package takes into account your organisations:

You will find that one of the outcomes of this customised winning tenders training package is an objective analysis of your organisations internal competitive tendering procedures.

The training packages can be customised in many different ways. There are two popular options.


The first option is a one-day seminar, comprising a wide-range of tendering topics selected from the
Winning Competitive Tenders Seminar Training Modules. This option is designed for people who have some tendering experience, but would like a more in-depth approach.


The second option is a two-day hands-on workshop focused on a real tendering case study. The case study is generally selected by the client after discussions with Rodney Swan. The participants are divided into syndicates and are taken through a simulation of the tender process. There are considerable hands on work and syndicates frequently presenting their work. This option is designed for those who need an in-depth understanding and involvement of the tendering and tender management process. The Winning Competitive Tenders Workbook presents the full range of topics covered in this practical hands on workshop.

We have only described two training options here. There are numerous other options based on the material in the Winning Competitive Tenders Kit and the Workbook. Please Contact Us to discuss these other options.